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Training Industry VR article

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

The potential of virtual reality (VR) learning has excited our imaginations for decades. Now it’s here. And we’ve never been so busy at the Gronstedt Group. Helping the construction industry upskill workers, equipment makers visualize and sell large products and pharma companies save lives – it’s all in a day’s work. And we’re excited to share insights gained from developing immersive learning for industry leaders like Pfizer, Walmart and Daikin.

Our latest Training Industry article dials in on what makes VR such a transformative learning technology. The business impact is real, even if the high-fidelity simulation environments aren’t. Hint: It’s the simulated “social presence” students and instructors experience that sets VR apart and above other digital learning tools.

We’ll be leading discussions at the VR for Learning Summit (in conjunction with the DevLearn conference) next month in Las Vegas. Join us for an in-depth conversation about the key drivers of a successful VR strategy. This session will focus on a critical step for any program: how do you build an effective VR learning launch plan in your organization?

If you’re not ready to brave air travel yet – and if you aren’t we totally get it – we’re doing a couple of webinars that will be almost as good as face-to-face:

  • Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network (LTEN). We’ll explore how pharma leaders like Pfizer, Novartis and Bristol Myers Squibb harness VR to reduce training costs, improve job performance and boost engagement at scale.

  • Training magazine’s TechLearn 2021 Virtual Conference on October 25 – which considers the strategic importance of the immersive learning transformation.

Let’s discuss how we can boost performance at your organization with hyper-real VR learning simulations. If you own an Oculus Quest we can meet up in our VR demo environment (and if you don’t they’re only $299 – and a piece of cake to set up). Experiencing is believing with VR. Be prepared to have your mind blown.

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