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Webinar: VR at Daikin,, and iFTI recruitment

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

As iconic author William Gibson might say, were he in the training game, the metaverse for learning has arrived. It’s just unevenly distributed.

You’re invited to join us for a panel discussion and demo where we’ll step inside the new generation virtual reality (VR) simulations. Our think-forward clients will share how they’re reinventing recruitment, upskilling and selling:

  • HVAC giant Daikin offers the ultimate customer experience: VR X-ray vision into its products. Sales reps and customers can meet and peer inside a giant chiller to watch how water and refrigerant work together to keep building temperatures comfortable.

  • Installers at actually use their hands in VR to route cables and connect wires. Step-by-step tutorials, feedback and guided practice acclimate newbies to key tasks, after which they level up to mimic the real-life working experience. In the final free-play mode they compete with each other (and a ticking time bomb).

  • The Finishing Trades Institute uses VR to recruit the next generation of painters and drywallers. Step onto a pixelated construction site and grab a tape bazooka with both hands. Try-before-you-buy has arrived in the vocational industries.

Watch the webcast here.


  • Brian Dewhirst, Sr. Manager, Learning Technology, Daikin

  • Ian McConnell, Manager, Digital Learning,

  • Simon Hazelwood, Apprenticeship Training Representative, Canadian Region, iFTI

Our Gronstedt Group leadership team will help demo and answer your questions in this interactive session. We look forward to meeting you.



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Membre inconnu
05 avr. 2022

Hey guys, I registered for the webinar, but unfortunately, due to time differences here in the UK and other commitments, I missed it. Is it going to become available as a watch later video? Cheers

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