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Solutions: Government


Proudly accelerating the Navy's Ready Relevant Learning mission with VR and handheld gaming PC simulations


We partnered with the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) to revolutionize submarine training through a VR maintenance trainer. Sailors now don a headset and step into a hyper-realistic machinery room, multiplying practice reps and sets right before tackling real-world tasks. User feedback was stellar: "Felt like actually working on the system, not just a screen!" We also pioneered a handheld gaming PC version when space, comfort, or cyber security make VR headsets impractical.

As we continue our Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Navy, we're eager to innovate training for ground and air forces as well, along with other parts of the government. Let's explore how we can accelerate readiness together.


Contact: Anders Gronstedt, President,, 720 839 7303

Location: Denver, CO


NAICS: 611430

SIC: 8200


Small Business
Nontraditional defense contractor



Put the future of life science learning on your face

We accelerate onboarding and upskilling for the world’s healthcare leaders. Pharma leaders Pfizer, Novartis, Takeda and Bristol Myers Squibb [link to the consolidated Novartis, Takeda and Bristol Myers Squibb case] hone life-saving skills in our hyper-realistic lab simulations. Watch this free LTEN webinar video recording with our BMS client to learn how we slash training times and costs while boosting skill mastery and workforce consistency.

We also train patients and caregivers of DaVita and Providence Health with innovative virtual and augmented reality learning apps. Let’s set up a meeting to discuss how we can unlock the full potential of your healthcare workforce.

Solutions: Healthcare

Construction & Manufacturing

From hard hats to headsets


We help the world’s manufacturing and construction leaders recruit talent, close sales, and avoid accidents. Imagine poking your head inside a chiller and watching its inner workings from any angle before you make the six-or-seven-figure investment in one. Daikin sales reps meet with clients on a virtual rooftop to see their giant HVAC equipment in action. Check out our webcast with Daikin’s VP of People Experiences.

Meanwhile, high school students at recruitment fairs can step into a hyper-realistic construction site and wield a digital tape bazooka. That's the power of our VR simulations, already attracting top talent to the Finishing Trades Union

Our simulations transform the entire recruitment, onboarding and upskilling process for our industrial clients. Witness our VR and iPad-based installation training at

Let’s meet to discuss how our virtual training solutions can deliver real-world results for your business.

Solutions: Construction & Manufacturing
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