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We are committed to revolutionizing the way companies train their employees while prioritizing both environmental and social sustainability. Our custom-made training simulators offer a cutting-edge solution that not only enhances learning outcomes but also minimizes environmental impact and focuses on social inclusion. For less than the cost of an airline flight, our clients equip their dispersed employees with VR headset that provides a lifelike interactions in a virtual performance environment. Read our book chapter abut how the developing world has a unique opportunity to leapfrog industrial-aged classroom education straight to high-fidelity learning simulations modeled on the way we really learn: experientially.

Immersive: Games, Simulations and Virtual Reality, Chapter 11, p. 133-144, in Reimagining Digital Learning for Sustainable Development: How Upskilling, Data Analytics, and Educational Technologies Close the Skills Gap, Sheila Jagannathan (Editor), Routledge.

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