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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

"Mission Possible" game-based sales simulations

The Challenge

Hewlett Packard Enterprise faced the challenge of transforming its global sales force of 10,000 reps to a new sales approach. Executive sales conversation had to focus on customer business drivers and linking them to the appropriate HPE solution set to solve the business issue.

The Solution

The Gronstedt Group custom-developed a four-part “Mission Possible” themed simulation series, which won the 2017 Learning! 100 Award. The online learning program provides a virtual opportunity for the sales team to maximize their effectiveness with real customer opportunities and link to the appropriate Customer Lifecycle Process touch points. Learners assist an on-screen Hewlett Packard Enterprise sales rep as he/she conducts discovery meetings, maps transformation areas and use cases to business outcomes, practices the POV presentation, conducts a solution discussion, and identifies next steps. The simulations provide Hewlett Packard Enterprise sales reps with realistic scenarios where they can practice outcome-based discovery conversations and apply what they’ve learned about the four Transformation Areas.

Typing on a Computer

Each “mission” is introduced with a dramatic video by a “commander,” which self-destructs in five seconds. The four-part series offers game elements of points, high-scoring lists, badges, levels, cut-scenes, and storytelling. The stories are told through live-action video, produced by a professional crew of filmmakers and actors.

The program has been translated to four languages (Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese) and launched globally to positive reviews.

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