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Apple Vision Pro: The iPhone moment for spatial learning

The future of spatial learning just arrived. Again.

The most valuable company on the planet finally pulled back the curtain on its high-end aspirational virtual and augmented reality headset. “Apple Vision Pro” is the breakthrough the industry needed and only Apple could deliver. Our CLO Magazine article reflects on this defining moment when “spatial learning“ is poised to transition from experimental novelty to large-scale deployment. It's quite a validation for all of us who've been blazing trails in the VR learning field - turns out, we weren’t crazy after all. The piece further examines why Meta Quest still holds advantages for training simulations.

In related news, we had a very spirited Training Magazine Network webinar with our clients at global HVAC leader Daikin. Feel free to watch this recording on how L&D can spearhead a company-wide VR transformation. I hope the use case will get your creative gears turning, demonstrating how customers and reps can interact seamlessly while visualizing competitive advantages in a hyper-realistic 3D world.

What we did for them we can do for you. Feel free to suggest a time to discuss how the Gronstedt Group can elevate your performance with the power of spatial computing.

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