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Article: Metaverse learning in the flow of work

In a fast-changing world, learning must be available at the point of need. Our new Training Industry article shares how visionary companies like Walmart, Pfizer and Daikin are up-skilling and re-skilling in the flow of work, with pixelated practice spaces that mirror their real-life workplaces.

The metaverse is upon us and it’s already upending enterprise learning as we know it. Instead of waiting for the next class, students put on a headset and interact with each other just-in-time and just-in-context of the learning application. Moving seamlessly from the constraints of the physical world to the

unlimited malleability of the real-time 3D universe, they can practice on digital twins with immediate feedback, building muscle memory and flattening the forgetting curve.

There’s a lot of talk about the metaverse, but what do multi-user VR training simulations actually look like? Our Training Magazine webinar will take you inside these reality-bending experiences. Watch and learn how to identify high-value metaverse opportunities, build the business case, overcome obstacles

and scale across the enterprise.

We are in proud to once again be included in Training Industry’s 2022 Top Training Companies™ watch list for custom content development. Let’s set a time to discuss how our team of professional VR and learning game developers can create high-fidelity learning simulators for your organization. Contact me for a web conference call or, better yet, a meeting in our VR demo environment.

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