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Making metaverse learning a reality: All-star webinar with Professors Karl Kapp, Tony O'Driscoll, an

  • Professor Karl Kapp, Director of the Institute for Interactive Technologies at Bloomsburg University

  • Professor Tony O'Driscoll, Research Fellow and Academic Director at Duke University

  • Professor David Metcalf, director of the Mixed Emerging Technology Integration Lab at the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Simulation and Training

  • Moderated by Dr. Anders Gronstedt, President of the Gronstedt Group

The metaverse promises to usher in a new era of experiential and visceral learning where people are upskilling in pixelated practice spaces that mirror their real-life workplaces. Our panel of industry luminaries will guide you through the implications for your organization. Professors Karl Kapp and Tony O’Driscoll wrote the definitive book on “Learning in 3D” -- 14 years ago. Dr. David Metcalf established The Mixed Emerging Technology Integration Lab at UCF’s Institute for Simulation and Training three years earlier. They’ve been thought and practice leaders in the field ever since, with over ten books to their credits. Most recently, Dr. Kapp published a LinkedIn Learning Course on “Designing Learning Experiences in the Metaverse”; Dr. O’Driscoll penned a graphic novel about “Everyday Superhero: How You Can Inspire Everyone And Create Real Change At Work”; and Dr. Metcalf co-authored multiple books about the impact of blockchain.

Training Magazine Network’s inaugural “Learning from the Leading Edge” panel discussion is moderated by Dr. Anders Gronstedt, President of Gronstedt Group, an industry-leading VR developer. The quarterly sessions will bring thought and practice leaders together for a conversation about the future of learning. Bring your questions as we explore how the barriers between the physical and digital worlds are blurring with immersive and collaborative learning. The expert panel will inspire insights as you consider integrating metaverse learning to reduce training costs, improve job performance, and boost engagement in your organization.

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