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New ATD T&D article: The Dawn of Metaverse Learning

The furor around the “metaverse” is elevating the VR training conversation to

the C-suite, which means now is the time to grab a seat at the leadership

table and help your organization reinvent learning.

Corporate learning doesn’t need a bigger, better rectangular screen. VR can

now bring learners inside virtual manufacturing plants, retail stores,

construction sites and pharma labs. Simulating performance on high-fidelity

replicas, they can build mastery in the presence of peers, mentors and


Our new ATD T&D feature article reports on industry leaders like Pfizer,

Walmart, Daikin and Bristol Myers Squibb, focusing on how they’re investing

in metaverse learning. For instance, Daikin Applied’s new CFO-friendly

approach treats the development of VR as a capital expenditure, recognizing

it as an infinitely malleable and scalable investment that can be amortized

over many years and for numerous applications.

Don’t miss this must-read piece on how our visionary clients are already

harnessing multi-player virtual reality to upend enterprise training and human

performance as we know it. Let’s set a time to discuss how we can elevate

training in your organization with shared virtual reality practice spaces.

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