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The virtual reality revolution of healthcare

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

One of the first industries poised for transformation by virtual reality (VR) is healthcare. Doctors and nurses can now strap on the VR headset and practice emergency scenarios as if they were real, travel inside the human body to explore it at the molecular level, or experience the world from the patient’s unique point of view.

And patients can educate themselves or even be treated using VR technology.

At the Gronstedt Group, we’ve been fortunate to help several premier healthcare organizations cultivate their VR strategies and development. The ATD Healthcare Community has graciously invited us to share these experiences, and we’re inviting you to read our blog post and join the webcast examining the VR revolution in healthcare. Whether you work in healthcare or not, you’ll hopefully find inspiration from the VR-powered innovations changing this dynamic industry. For instance, we’ll discuss full-body immersive patient education and surgery simulations, pain treatment, PTSD therapies, patient empathy training…we’ll even take a look at virtual preceptorships and AI-guided medical sales conversations.

Virtual reality drives immersion to previously unimaginable levels thanks to its ability to embody experience more fully than any learning technique in history; nothing matches the teaching power of presence and having the sensation of actually being in another place.

As if this isn’t enough, augmented reality is following hot on VR’s heels, promising everything from X-ray vision for doctors to performance support for technicians.

As always, let us know if we can set a time to discuss how we can help develop innovative learning solutions for your organization.

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