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Training Industry article: Reinventing learning with a VR partner

The virtual reality (VR) learning revolution challenges learning organizations to change. Now.

Producing 3D immersive simulations is a complex and iterative process involving a team of artists, game developers and learning designers. Our new Training Industry article explores how to forge and manage a relationship with an experienced VR studio to bring your learning vision into the metaverse. A strategic VR partner can help identify high-value pilot opportunities, build the business case, overcome obstacles, bring your concepts to (virtual) reality and scale them across the enterprise.

The Gronstedt Group has been and is a partner for a variety of think-forward business leaders, and what we’re done for them we can do for you. Industry giants like Walmart and Pfizer are paving the way to “10x” learning effectiveness – what would that kind of ROI proposition mean to your organization?

Let’s meet up at one of these conferences, where we’ll be presenting our reality-bending multi-user sims:

TechLearn 2022 in Austin, September 20-22 – come see “Into the Metaverse: Nine Superpowers of VR Learning” (use our $100 conference registration discount code “TSP1”)

DevLearn 2022 in Las Vegas, October 26-27 – watch the promo video.

Learning 2022 in Orlando, November 6–9 – our Daikin Applied clients Laura Masica and Brian Dewhirst will join us onstage to share how VR has become a game-changer for the global HVAC giant’s sales channel.

Meanwhile, ping us to discuss how we can develop a digital rehearsal space that mirrors your real-life workplace. We can even send our demo app straight to your $299 Quest VR headset and meet you there. Which, coincidentally, is the first selection criterion for a VR learning partner: never buy from a developer before you’ve experienced its VR programs for yourself.

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