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Video talk: How virtual and augmented reality, games and simulations are transforming learning

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Last month our President Anders Gronstedt gave a TED-style talk to the Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network (LTEN) (watch it here). We hope it will inspire some ideas as you consider the value virtual and augmented reality, games and simulations can have for your organization.

The talk outlined three new immersive learning approaches and when to use them.

Virtual reality (VR) offers learners a visceral sense of “presence” – of actually being in the situation they’re practicing. VR is the ultimate learning machine – a sort of “flight simulator” for any learning task – and it’s increasingly appropriate as the cost of failure grows. The presentation addressed not only the whys and hows of VR, but also illustrated how Gronstedt Group is helping clients step into the body of customers or patients to better empathize with their point of view.

At the other end of the immersive learning spectrum is mobile gaming. Millions of associates will be able to simulate managing a retail store through our mobile Sims-style Walmart game, for instance. By tapping into the exploding trend of console-quality 3D games for the mobile handset, these mobile games maximize skill practice “reps and sets.”

And sitting between high immersion (VR) and high reach (mobile gaming) we find the magic lens of augmented reality (AR). Our clients currently employ AR for everything from performance support to new hire orientation tours.

Transformational technologies like AR, VR and mobile gaming are on a converging trajectory squarely aimed at disrupting the learning industry, and Gronstedt Group is fortunate to work with some of the smartest, most think-forward organizations in the world in developing the learning simulators and games of the future.

Let’s Get Together

This fall we’ll be presenting on innovative, immersive learning technologies at the Online Learning Conference in Chicago, CABLE-TEC EXPO in Atlanta and DevLearn in Las Vegas.

Please let us know if we can set up an in-house presentation and conversation about how we can collaborate on transforming your organization’s learning.

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