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ATD blog: VR for diversity and inclusion

Virtual reality (VR) has long been hailed as “the ultimate empathy machine.” For instance, you can strap on a reality-bending headset and maybe get a small taste of the bias others endure by walking a mile in someone else’s virtual body.

Our new ATD blog explores how VR can transform diversity and inclusion training, but training is only the beginning. The bigger diversity opportunity might be in immersive recruitment. Less than 5% of painters, drywallers and glazers are women. The International Finishing Trades Institute is determined to increase the number to (at least) 25%, and to that end they partnered with us to develop an innovative drywalling VR simulation. Young women who perhaps couldn’t imagine themselves on a construction site can now viscerally experience a career in the finishing trades.

In related news, we were proud to be part of the Providence Healthy team that won the Brandon Hall Gold Award for its innovative unconscious bias training. Give the new Intel case story a read and learn how the third largest non-for-profit healthcare system in the U.S. teaches responses to microaggressions

in the workplace with 3D hologram scenarios.

We’ll show off these and many other immersive experiences we developed for our forward-thinking clients at several upcoming conferences. Let me know if we can meet up:

  • TechLearn 2022 in Austin, September 20-22 – come see “Into the Metaverse: Nine Superpowers of VR Learning” (use $100 conference registration discount code “TSP1”)

  • DevLearn 2022 in Las Vegas, October 26-27 – watch the promo video (use $50 conference registration discount code SPEAKERSHARE50)

  • Learning 2022 in Orlando, November 6-9 – our Daikin Applied clients Laura Masica and Brian Dewhirst will join us onstage to share how VR has become a game-changer for the global HVAC giant’s sales channel

  • ATD TechKnowledge Conference 2023, February 7-9 in New Orleans – we’ll present “Into the metaverse: 9 superpowers of VR learning”

  • Training 2023 Conference & Expo, February 13-15 in Orlando – we’ll present “VR success stories from the metaverse”

Meanwhile, we’re always happy to get on a call to discuss how to bring your learning vision into the metaverse. Or better yet, let’s meet up in VR. We’ll send our multi-user demo straight to your Quest headset for an avatar-to-avatar conversation about how we can unlock “10x” learning effectiveness.

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