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Presenting at the Serious Play Conference

July 25, 2019 at 3:00:00 PM

Please visit the conference site for more info and registration:


Click here to learn more about and registration for the Serious Play Conference.

The holodeck is finally here. Inexpensive consumer devices and license-free game engines make it affordable to deploy engaging virtual reality learning solutions at every point of need. This presentation will inspire insights as you consider how to integrate virtual reality – “the ultimate learning machine” – and gamified learning into your organization.

Industry-leaders like pharma leader Novartis are already using advanced VR to develop learning simulators modeled on the flight simulator, which has (up until now, anyway) been the gold standard for skill-based learning. Novartis team members don the VR headset, grab the hand controllers, and step into a hyper-realistic virtual reality manufacturing facility to practice life-saving procedures. They are trained like the famed Captain Sully, who landed his disabled airliner on the Hudson River, saving scores of lives. The research is conclusive: Repeated actions in virtual reality alter neural wiring, in turn improving real world performance.

At the other end of the immersive learning spectrum is mobile gaming. Get the inside scoop on how the mobile “Spark City” game teaches Walmart associates to run their departments like small businesses. By tapping into the exploding popularity of console-quality 3D games for the mobile handset, such mobile games maximize “reps and sets” of skill practice.

The session will inspire participants with examples from industry leaders like Walmart, KPMG, and Novartis who are ushering in a new era of experiential and visceral learning. Bring your question as we discuss the future of learning.

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