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ATD blog: Transforming Navy training.

Our latest ATD blog post details how we harness a new generation of portable gaming devices to facilitate Navy training right where they're needed most—on ships and submarines. Our VR program gives Sailors the embodied immersion that builds muscle memory, while our handheld gaming PC simulations increase the frequency of practice sessions seamlessly within the Sailors' daily routines. This new tech requires a new breed of vendor that can craft self-paced, high-fidelity learning optimized for mobile devices. That's why the Navy partnered with the Gronstedt Group

We're also gearing up for a presentation at the ATD 2024 International Conference & EXPO in New Orleans, themed "The Future of Learning Is Spatial." If you're attending, we’d be delighted to meet you for a chat over some beignets.

Let’s schedule a demo and discuss how the Gronstedt Group can help accelerate learning in your organization with our next-gen training simulations. We’re eager to share insights from our recent projects, ranging from Navy shipboard training to immersive VR cleanrooms for pharmaceutical giants.

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