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VR Training Within Reach

This is a really cool time for our industry. You know those bleeding-edge, real-time game engines that render Hollywood special effects and the massive hit video games people are talking about? Right. They’re also available to power high-fidelity corporate training simulations that can be deployed at scale on VR headsets that cost less than an airline flight. There has literally never been a time in the media age when the most advanced production technology was so available, and so affordable, to people in your role.

Our team of top-tier simulation designers are harnessing this emerging consumer tech to unlock “10x” learning effectiveness for clients like Walmart, Pfizer and Novartis. We’d love to schedule an hour inside our multiplayer VR demo sim to show you what’s possible. All you need is a $300 Oculus Quest – which you may already have. If not, you’re going to be staggered by the level of social presence as students and instructors interact in a virtual performance simulator. It will transform how you meet and learn.

Gronstedt Group is going to be busy on the virtual conference circuit this year, and we’re looking forward to sharing the inside scoop on the incredible new generation of hyper-realistic, multi-player VR simulations being rolled out by our roster of industry-leading Fortune 50 clients. You can catch us at:

We’ll also be making our first in-person presentation (wow, how good does it feel to say that?) at the ATD International Conference & Exposition in Salt Lake City on August 29.

Let’s talk about how we can work together to make 2021 the best year any of us have ever had.



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