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Immersive Learning Opportunities

I hope you’re emerging healthy and well from pandemic purgatory. It’s amazing how quickly we all adapted to working and learning remotely, isn’t it? The technology delivered, keeping us connected, productive and skilled. We’ve responded so well that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey just told his employees that they can continue working from home “forever.”

Is your learning organization ready for the day when students aren’t coming back to the classroom…ever?

You’re invited to join us for a number of webinars to learn more immersive learning in an age of social distancing:

  • Future vision of NATO Training Panel at NATO Training Technology Conference on Thursday

  • VR training in the supply chain industry for the MHI next Tuesday

  • The Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network LTEN Connect is next Tuesday, where we will co-present with our Novartis client, back by popular demand (have a listen to a recording of our LTEN talk last month with Novartis client Steve Sitek here)

  • The virtual Serious Play Conference later this month

  • You can also catch a recording of my Realities360 Online Conference recording here

These sessions are packed with cases and examples of hyper-real learning simulations developed in commercial-grade game engines. They combine the engagement of gaming with the best of human-centered learning design (guided practice, feedback and scenario design) as students level up, practicing increasingly complex skills. We’ll show you how Walmart associates by the hundreds of thousands are now learning management skills by playing our “Spark City” learning game on their phones and iPads (you can go to your mobile app store and try it for yourself). Meanwhile Novartis lab workers rehearse life-saving cancer treatments in our virtual reality “flight simulator.” And leaders in a number of industries are honing strategy skills in our online business simulations.

Stay-at-home orders accelerated the already robust trend towards virtual work and learning that we’ve been championing for a couple of decades at the Gronstedt Group. It’s a shame it took a crisis to get everyone on board, but now that we’re here let’s make sure we’re proofing our organizations against future calamities.

Ping us to discuss how we can reskill your employees or drive a company-wide transformation with immersive learning in an age of social distancing.

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