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LTEN life science VR article

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

It’s been a busy few weeks for virtual reality (VR) learning.

  • Accenture dropped $18 million on equipping 60,000 employees with their own consumer Oculus Quest headsets for training and collaboration (and probably some play, because why not?)

  • Quest will no longer require a Facebook login starting next year, making the discounted $299 VR headset a more viable option for businesses.

  • The “metaverse” just got trademarked.

If it hadn’t already, the real-time, 3D, immersive, embodied, VR future of learning has arrived. Workplace is moving to workspace and VR training is evolving from one-off, single-user simulations on shared headsets to ongoing, programmatic social learning on personal headsets.

November Focus: Life Sciences

Take a few moments and read how VR-enabled learning represents a seismic shift in life sciences training in our latest LTEN article. Also, this free LTEN webinar video recording from last month – “Reimagining Life Sciences Learning with Virtual Reality” – illustrates how students and instructors can seamlessly interact with each other in virtual lab simulations.


We’ll be speaking about the future of immersive learning at a number of conferences:

We’ve never been busier digitizing our clients’ physical plants, labs, stores and equipment. Pfizer, Bristol Myers Squibb and Novartis staff learn life-saving skills in 3D labs; Daikin distributors visualize competitive advantages using digital-twin equipment with X-ray vision; and Walmart associates hone their business acumen in our SIMS-style store environment. Students and instructors are interacting with each other as lifelike humans and navigating hyper-realistic performance simulators via VR headsets, phones, iPads and PCs. Forget about shoehorning VR technology into existing learning programs with static 360-video and eLearning – our sims are built around the potential of real-time game engines and experiential learning theories.

Contact us to meet up in our VR demo space, where you can engage the magic of social VR for yourself. We’re also happy to discuss how to bridge Oculus for Businesses (which sunsets at the end of 2021) and the 2023 launch of Quest for Business, which promises to be even more transformative.

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