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Meta Quest Pro: Mixed reality enters enterprise learning

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg (and his avatar) just launched its first enterprise mixed-reality headset to great fanfare. Our new ATD blog post discusses the learning implications of the headline-grabbing Meta and Microsoft announcements.

The “Quest Pro” isn’t just a virtual reality (VR) headset that can transport pharmacists to a lab where they can practice mixing medication (although it can do that) or teleport drywallers to a construction site where they can mix mud (it can do that, too). It’s also a bridge to “mixed reality,” where virtual objects appear in the physical world around us. An HVAC sales rep can spawn an AC unit during an in-person customer meeting, and together they can both view its inner workings while still seeing each other in real life. Cool, huh? Our blog post reviews how the new-gen mixed reality headsets might herald a new era of immersive learning.

Still, the hardware you select ultimately matters much less to your metaverse learning success than the learning content it will feature. A strategic partner like the Gronstedt Group can help identify high-value immersive pilot opportunities, build the business case, overcome obstacles, bring your concepts to (virtual) reality, and scale them across the enterprise.

Let me know if we can get together next year at ATD TechKnowledge Conference 2023 in New Orleans, Training 2023 Conference & Expo in Orlando, or ATD 2023 International Conference & Exposition in San Diego, where we’ll show off our latest multiplayer 3D sims.

Contact us to explore how we can kickstart your immersive learning transformation. Find out why Training Industry just recognized Gronstedt Group as one of the 2022 Top Experiential Learning Technologies Training Companies™. We couldn’t have made this list without our think-forward clients, including Walmart, Dollar General, Pfizer, Novartis, Takeda, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Daikin. We’re grateful they chose to partner with us to upskill in pixelated practice spaces that mirror their real-life workplaces.

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