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New VR learning article and presentations

We’re delighted to share a new Training Industry article featuring insights from the pixelated frontlines of virtual reality (VR) learning. In it we discuss how our pharma clients Pfizer, Novartis and Bristol Myers Squibb and HVAC giant Daikin are using digital learning spaces to improve performance in the real-life workplace.

For instance: we describe how multi-user VR performance simulators provide the sensation of social presence. Learners step onto a hyper-real 3D construction site, manufacturing line or pharma lab to practice skills shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow students and instructors (who appear as avatars), just like being together in real life.

If you want to see what this learning metaverse looks like, catch one of our presentations. Our Training Magazine webinar attracted record number of attendees the other week and sparked lively discussions. The recording is here (it requires registration, but is free).

The in-person conference circuit is back (now if I can remember where I left my pants from two years ago). Hit us up at one of these learning conferences in Orlando where we’ll be presenting this spring:

Better yet, if you want to experience VR learning, let’s meet up in our corner of the metaverse for a demo in VR. All you need is a $299 Quest VR headset. You’ll be staggered by the level of social presence. (Pro tip: never buy VR service from a vendor before you’ve met with them in their learning simulations.)

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