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Webcast about virtual reality learning

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

A front-page Wall Street Journal feature this week made a powerful case for virtual reality in training (read it here if you’re a subscriber, the video is public). The article details successful results from a large number of enterprise-scale organizations, including Wal-Mart’s expansion of VR training to all of its 200 training centers, where it trains 140,000 employees annually. The feature even examines VR’s critical role in the future of brain surgery training.

Developing effective virtual reality training might not be brain surgery, but it requires significant business and technical expertise. The Gronstedt Group is building on more than a decade’s experience creating VR learning applications for a host of Fortune 500 and government clients. We’d like to share some of our insights with you in a free webcast on the state of virtual and augmented reality training, with a particular emphasis on how to get started in your organization.

Sign up now for one of our sessions: Tuesday June 20, noon ET Thursday June 22, noon ET

In these sessions you’ll learn how the new generation of VR enables a sense of presence unlike anything that has come before – people experiencing these environments report total embodiment in a virtual persona unrivaled by any other technology they have engaged. One of virtual reality’s greatest advantages is that it can be used like a flight simulator for tasks that are too dangerous, expensive, or inconvenient to practice in real life. VR has also been called “the ultimate empathy machine,” and this ability to simulate connectedness promises to reinvent sales, customer service, leadership and unconscious bias training.

The webcast will prepare you for a new era of experiential, visceral learning. The presentation will feature examples from Fortune 500 clients currently using VR and AR applications. Ask questions and begin brainstorming ways you might put this next-gen technology to use driving ever-greater business results.

Seats are limited, sign up today.

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