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ATD 2021 International Conference & Exposition

August 29, 2021 at 7:00:00 PM

Please visit the conference site for more info and registration:


Who has been driving the digital transformation of your learning organization: CLO, CIO, or COVID-19? Anders Gronstedt will speak about how the pandemic accelerated an immersive learning revolution. Get the inside scope on the new generation mobile games and virtual reality simulations where students learn by doing, progressing at their own pace, multiplying reps and sets of practice, and building muscle memory. Walmart’s mobile game “Spark City” has been downloaded half a million times and upends how the world’s largest employer attracts and develops managers. Pfizer minimize travel with a hyper-realistic virtual reality lab where students and instructors can interact remotely. Learn how these and other successfully organizations are transforming learning in the age of physical distancing.

Be sure to visit the ATD21 conference website for more information and registration. Registration options include in person events and online connections!

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