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ATD TechKnowledge 2020

February 6, 2020 at 2:00:00 AM

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How does the world's largest employer, Walmart, attract and develop a new generation of managers who have spent more time playing games than they have in the classroom? With a game, of course, complete with confetti rain and Fortnite-style happy dance moves every time the player avatar completes a task successfully.  Modeled on popular mobile resource management games like Sims and Clash of Clans, Spark City challenges Walmart associates to run their departments like small businesses.

How does pharma leader Novartis practice life-saving procedures? Using advanced virtual reality to develop learning simulators modeled on the flight simulator, which has (up until now, anyway) been the gold standard for skill-based learning. They are trained like the famed Captain Sully, who landed his disabled airliner on the Hudson River, saving scores of lives. The research is conclusive: Repeated actions in virtual reality alter neural wiring, in turn improving real world performance. The new-gen $400 mobile VR with hand and body presence allows real VR to be deployed affordably to a dispersed organization.

This presentation will inspire insights as you consider how to integrate virtual reality – "the ultimate learning machine" – and the exploding popularity of console-quality 3D games for the mobile handsets into your learning organization.

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