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DevLearn 2019 Conference & Expo

October 24, 2019 at 5:40:00 PM

Please visit the conference site for more info and registration:


To learn more about or to register to attend, visit the DevLearn 2019 Conference & Expo website.

How does the largest employer on the planet, Walmart, attract and develop a new generation of managers who have spent more time playing games than they have in the classroom? How does pharmaceutical industry leader Novartis quickly train hundreds of people on best practice production and aseptic procedures for a new leukemia treatment, where mistakes have life and death consequences? How does Fortune 200 healthcare leader DaVita train a global organization to see the world through the customer's eyes?

In this session you will experience modern day learning simulators modeled on the flight simulator, which has (up until now, anyway) been the gold standard for skill-based learning. You will be able to download and play Walmart's "Spark City" game on your phone. It's a "learning while having fun" model, complete with Fortnite-style happy dances, which maximize skill practice "reps and sets." The session will inspire with examples from industry leaders who are ushering in a new era of experiential and visceral learning. Leave the glowing desktop screen and classroom behind and step into a new world of immersive learning, tailored for a generation of learners who have spent more time with video games than in school.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How industry leaders create true-to-life rehearsal environments in VR, a "flight simulator" for any task. The demos will showcase how employees are trained like the famed Captain Sully, who landed his disabled airliner on the Hudson River, saving scores of lives.
  • The research on how repeated actions in virtual reality alter neural wiring, in turn improving real world performance.
  • How industry-leading companies are tapping into the exploding popularity of console-quality 3D games for the mobile handset.
  • How companies that want to remain relevant can take cues from the cultural moment of Fortnite.


Managers, senior leaders (directors, VP, CLO, executive, etc.)

Technology discussed:

VR (Oculus Quest, HTC Vive and Focus, Samsung Odyssey), mobile gaming on iOS and Android

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