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Training Magazine Webinar

January 12, 2022 at 8:00:00 PM

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A new generation of real-time, spatial, 3D, immersive, and embodied computing can now be deployed on high-quality VR headsets that cost less than an airline flight. If it hadn’t already, the workplace is moving to the workspace. The metaverse is upon us and it has a profound impact on the learning industry.

Join us for a session about how forward-thinking companies are creating shared VR learning spaces where students and instructors are interacting with each other as lifelike human avatars. Navigating hyper-realistic performance simulators via VR headsets, phones, iPads, and PCs they learn with and from each other in hands-on simulations.

We will go inside the new generation VR simulations used by pharma leaders like Pfizer, Novartis, and Bristol Myers Squibb to practice crucial life-saving skills in safe, virtual reality pharma labs. Instructors can demonstrate how to transfer liquid and hand the pipette to a student standing to their right, who can grab it and rehearse the same task, just like in real life.

Learn how HVAC giant Daikin offers the ultimate customer experience of “X-ray vision.” Customers don the Quest headset and peer inside a giant chiller to watch how water and refrigerant work together to keep building temperatures comfortable. installers use their hands in VR to route cables and connect wires. The Finishing Trades Institute recruits painters in VR; grab a virtual tape bazooka with both hands, and drag it across a drywall seam.

While we’re still years away from the metaverse vision of interoperable networks with thousands of people through VR and AR headsets, today’s multi-user VR technology represents a significant step in that direction and a seismic shift in training.

Join us in this exciting session to learn what's coming your way.

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