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VR Learning

You may have heard: training is changing. We’re now deep into an innovation curve.

Driving it all is an incredible new generation of hyper-realistic, multi-player virtual reality (VR) simulations. They’re rolling out in the most sophisticated organizations in the world, and as is always the case with good ideas, they’re diffusing and being adopted by more and more companies every day. Among these industry leaders you’ll find several of our clients, including think-forward Fortune 50s like Walmart, Pfizer and Novartis.


Watch the webcast above exploring how they, and other enterprises like them, are upending training as we know it with VR simulations and mobile games. 
During the webinar, we step into 3D performance simulators where students learn by doing, building muscle memory and mastery. Modeled on the flight simulator, which has (up until now, anyway) been the gold standard for skill-based learning, VR offers learners a visceral sense of "presence,” a virtual rehearsal studio that provides intense, deliberate practice and feedback loops to hone skills.

We demonstrate how multi-player VR boosts learning even further by creating “social presence” in a metaverse where students and instructors can interact seamlessly and learn with and from each other. Our leadership team answered your questions in this interactive session, which hopefully fostered useful insights as you consider how to integrate VR – "the ultimate learning machine" – to reduce training costs, improve job performance and boost engagement.  
After the live webcast, we scheduled an hour inside our multiplayer VR demo sim to demonstrate the magic of social VR learning. We sent it straight to your personal Oculus Quest – it was that easy to get started. 

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