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Accelerating learning at scale

From Walmart aisles to Navy decks, from cleanrooms to construction sites, we custom-develop high-fidelity training simulators for the world’s largest employers. Let’s discuss how you can harness virtual, augmented and mixed reality to generate value.

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Next-level training, trusted by warfighters, workers and learning leaders around the world

Industry-leading clients like Pfizer, the U.S. Armed Forces, and Daikin onboard, upskill and reskill their workforce with our extended reality (XR) practice spaces that mirror their real-life workplaces. Learning through hands-on exercises at the moments of need, they build muscle memory and cognitive mastery in the presence of peers and experts.

From simulation to revelation

You wouldn't step on a plane if the pilot learned to fly in a classroom or with an eLearning course, would you? Why would you train your own people that way? Our team of seasoned game developers and learning designers builds “flight simulators” for any trade. Available anywhere and anytime, our simulators offer AI-powered tutorials, instant feedback, gamified challenges, and progressive learning. We've been innovating employee training for nearly three decades.


Virtual reality training for real-world results

If you have yet to experience the startling sensation of being transported to an immersive pharma lab, submarine, or construction site through the magic of spatial computing, you will be blown away by the feeling of actually being there. Hone your skills in a safe, yet hyper-real, metaverse, while interacting seamlessly with other students and instructors. Let’s meet to share our virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) learning experiences. 


Propelling Naval readiness 

Navy Sailors multiply reps and sets of hyper-real practice with our VR and handheld gaming PCs simulators at the “moments of need,” even when physically shipboard.

Laura Masica, VP of People Experiences

Gronstedt Group helped us introduce VR into the sales channel, which has been a game-changer in our sales and learning success.

Steve Sitek, Global Head, Talent & Transformation

The Gronstedt Group's immersive learning experiences offer unparalleled hands-on practice, personalized feedback loops, and unlimited do-overs in completely safe virtual environments for us at Novartis.

U.S. Navy Submariner, Trident Training Facility – Bangor

You felt like you are actually working on the system and not just a screen.

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